Cavs show poor judgment with in-arena video featuring domestic violence

For this post I picked this article which demonstrates how a lapse in judgment can cause an enormous amount of controversy. On Wednesday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers played and beat the Chicago Bulls, however, during a break the Caaliers shows a comedy skit that was intended to be humorous spoof of a popular commercial but it turned out to be offensive because they incorporated content that made light of domestic violence. The video circulated the internet Thursday morning and the responses were not very positive. The video was quickly deletes, but of course that doesn’t mean it was gone. By Thursday afternoon, the Cavilers issued an apology, they state:

During a timeout at last night’s Cavaliers vs. Bulls playoff game at The Q in Cleveland, we ran a 1-minute in-arena video that was intended to be a humorous spoof on a popular commercial centered on a song and dance from the classic movie ‘Dirty Dancing.’ While the video was not intended to be offensive, it was a mistake to include content that made light of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a very serious matter and has no place in a parody video that plays in an entertainment venue. We sincerely apologize to those who have been affected by domestic violence for the obvious negative feelings caused by being exposed to this insensitive video.

The Cavaliers organization has a strong and lengthy track record of supporting domestic violence-related causes and efforts. We will continue to proudly work with our regional partners at the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center in support of their numerous programs to end domestic violence in our country once and for all.

I would just like to know who’s idea it was and who actually approved this pitch and thought that this was a good idea to move it forward. Were these people not aware or did they simply didn’t care to stop and think about  that the issue of domestic violence is a serious issue in our society and sports in particular has had to deal with many cases. Now looking at the apology that was release I would say that overall the apology was okay, in the beginning the team do not take full responsibility they simply state, “it was a mistake to include content that made light of domestic violence” instead of saying we made the mistake; I don’t believe they are owning up to their mistake. The rest of the apology they use the word we. I believe that this entire thing could have been avoided if they had taken the time to really discuss the topic.


Professor Fails Entire College Class That ‘Disgusted’ Him

This was a very interesting article that I found last week and didn’t get a chance to blog about it. So Professor Irvin Horwitz who teaches at Texas A&M recently failed his strategic management class of 30 students. His reasoning was explained in an email that he sent out to all of his students he wrote,

“Since teaching this course, I have caught and seen cheating, been told to ‘chill out,’ ‘get out of my space,’ ‘go back and teach,’ [been] called a ‘f–king moron’ to my face, [had] one student cheat by signing in for another, one student not showing up but claiming they did, listened to many hurtful and untrue rumors about myself and others, been caught between fights between students.. None of you, in my opinion, given the behavior in this class, deserve to pass, or graduate to become an Aggie, as you do not in any way embody the honor that the university holds graduates should have within their personal character.”

Professor Horwitz decided to stop teaching this course and the administration has found a replacement until the end of the year, and the F that Professor Horwitz gave his students won’t be valid all students will receive a grade based on the work that they have completed.Patrick Louchouarn, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer at the Galveston Campus and associate provost of Texas A&M University, said that there is not investigation about the class wide cheating that Professor Horwitz mentioned.

Some of his colleagues are criticizing Professor Horwitz for his actions; some believe that he shouldn’t have walked away from his class and he should have set clear expectations and equal responsibilities among the professor and the students.

Was this ethical? Personally I think it is a very hard to manage a classroom I mean although college students are expected to be respectful, the truth is that they are surrounded with distractions and a professor has to constantly deal with those distractions. Everyone has a breaking point and for Professor Horwitz had his.