North Charleston Mayor Announces All Officers Will Wear Body Cams

I don’t even know where to begin, I am at a loss for words because I truly can not comprehend why Officer Michael Slager decided to fatally shoot Walter Scott. A video that was recorded by a bystander shows that Walter Scott was not fighting with the police officer or in no way was he threatening his life. Michael Slager has now been arrested and has been charged with murder. However, it is interesting to see how the attorney for Slager stated that, “Slager felt threatened because Scott tried to overpower him and take his Taser” these comments were made before the video was released. That same attorney told the media on Tuesday that he was no longer involved in the case. What if that video didn’t exist? Would Slager still be arrested and charged with murder? Probably not! Because this video has been released he has now been fired and has been arrested and charged with murder; the video contradicts several parts of the original statement that Slager made. How are civilians suppose to trust law enforcement when tragedies like this happen and continue to happen?

Upon this tragedy the Mayor of North Charleston announced today that all police officers will have to wear body cams. However the bill hasn’t been passed yet. The bill was introduced back in December but has to be passed by the House in order for it to become law. Are body cams going to be useful? According to,” a report cited by White House’s Taskforce on 21st Century Policing found that the officers wearing cameras had 87.5 percent fewer incidents of use of force and 59 percent fewer complaints than the officers not wearing the cameras. (On the other hand, a recent Fusion investigation found that body cameras didn’t appear to reduce use of violence by police)”. I certainly have more questions than answers.


3 responses to “North Charleston Mayor Announces All Officers Will Wear Body Cams

  1. Cameras, tazers, alternate methods. What needs to be addressed is the value of life. Rules of engagement require that equal force to the threat be used. Police Departments across the country that are doing a great job will now be scrutinized for the exceptions that somehow keep popping up and have been handled by the courts in interesting fashion. This period of history will be unforgettable at least.


  2. The cameras will not prevent the events that happen and instead just validate that a crime or no crime took place. A preventative measure needs to be taken to solve this problem.


  3. …bel post! Però io ricado nella categoria di chi le storie (belle!) ce l'ha solo in testa e è troppo pigro e disincantato solo per provarle a scrivere! :-)Do u remember Alan Ford's Dynamite Squad? E l'evoluzione termtr-futurisoa-dramratica di Mickey?What a brillant genius!!! 🙂


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