101 California Street Shooting

On July 1, 1993 San Francisco experienced its worst mass shooting in the city’s history. Gian Luigi Ferri, was an armed gunman who entered the Petit and Martin Law Offices on the 34th floor; he killed eight people and wounded six and then he took his own life away. This tragic event sparked a gun control debate on a national level. Steve Sposato lost his wife in the shooting, weeks after the shooting Sposato and other victims’ families and Den. Dianne Feinstein raised the issue of gun control in the national realm. The group’s activism eventually led to the historic assault weapons ban signed into law by President Bill Clinton. As I read an article about this tragedy the article mentioned that although California has some of the strongest gun laws in the country, there have been numerous tragedies across the country. The topic of gun control laws are always a huge topic but it’s unfortunate that these laws don’t get passed until after a tragedy occurs.


2 responses to “101 California Street Shooting

  1. Policy is too often reactive response to something that goes wrong. In this case there are behaviors that fall outside of regulatory bans. Guns are power. Power in the hands of a human who can have so many things going on cant be regulated.


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