“Federal judge: Alabama judges must issue gay marriage licenses”



This is a very interesting article that deals with a legal, moral and ethical dilemma. United States District Court Judge Callie V. Granade struck down Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage in January, however, some probate judges had refused to issue marriage licenses because Roy Moore, Chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court  ordered judges not to issue marriage licenses. Basically Justice Roy Moore, is trying to enforce his own personal beliefs, by ordering lower court judges in Alabama to not issue marriage licenses. Moore is personally opposed to gay marriage and he is against legalizing gay marriage, Moore argues that Alabama recognizes the “divine” nature of the definition of marriage. Due to Justice Moore’s actions, United States District Court Judge Callie V. Granade ordered Probate Judge Don Davis and all Alabama judges to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Probate Judge Don Davis’s attorney issued a statement clarifying that the issue was not that Judge Davis was opposed to issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples but rather he was in a legal dilemma because on one hand “He was subject to an order from U.S. District Court Judge Granade, and at the same time, he was subject to an conflicting order from Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore.” I find it fascinating how a judge whose responsibility is to administer justice is impeding it because of his personal beliefs. That is completely unethical.


3 responses to ““Federal judge: Alabama judges must issue gay marriage licenses”

  1. It’s hard to say if CJ Moore is posturing or exercising an individual preference with his positional power. The legal system is meant to be adversarial so that well reasoned decisions are reached. Courts have varying degrees of agreement on an issue. Only the issues that are most contested move to higher courts. Indeed the legal process raises multiple concerns and leaves for ethical standards to be subjective.


  2. What struck me the most about this was Moore’s argument of a “divine” definition. This sounds to me like it has a religious connotation to it. And while America is a country founded in religious beliefs, we also pride ourselves on separation of church and state within the government.


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